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AskForFunding.com is the #1 site for business owners to directly ask professional accredited angel investors for funding for their businesses. The site is built with powerful Investor Smart Match Technology to help entrepreneurs identify investors who are the best fit based on the investor's funding criteria. Additionally, AskForFunding.com provides Funding Request and messaging tools that allows business owners to reach those professional angel investors efficiently. The site is updated daily and now features over 5,881 professional angel investors and venture capitalists.


7 months ago

"Ask For Funding is an amazing space platform where real Investors and Business Owners meet do business. I am over the moon excited about the amazing treatment and opportunities my movie project has been exposed to. Possibilities that would be rare otherwise. When I need customer support it’s an email or phone call away. I’m walking a little talker with confidence in my search for funding because of the Investors posted on Ask for Funding. Thank you for everything! Best regards, Cathy Durant, Producer Director"

Cathy Durant

7 months ago

"I liked the simplicity of the platform. The relevant information is there and organized... excellent."

Iker Landu

11 months ago

"AskForFunding.com works! I have had a basic profile up on the site for a few months and have had several inquiries to fund my business. I'm extremely grateful to be able to say a connection was made (Thank you Lisa!) that let to an introduction to an Angel investor interested in my business investment opportunity. After reviewing the pitch deck and business plan, the investor came back 100% all in favor of funding my business. And while the documents for funding my business are being processed, I'm still receiving additional offers to fund the business. When it rains, it pours? I'm absolutely ecstatic about this new chapter in my business journey, and I have to thank AskForFunding.com for facilitating the achievement. Clearly results may vary, but I'm very happy with the results of having used AskForFunding.com to seek capital for my business. Wish me luck with the new phase, as I wish you all the best of luck with your fundraising efforts. "

Matthew T Patterson

11 months ago

"AskForFunding.com is the best platform to connect with real investors. I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend AskForFunding.com to others. Jose Nunez and John Micah were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful and I had the pleasure working with them. They were very patient explaining the process and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Thank you AskForFunding.com for this opportunity. -Manel "

Manel Abdellaoui

11 months ago

"AskForFunding.com is a tremendous resource for finding and connecting with potential investors. I am able to easily find 10x the number VCs and angel investors specializing in my area compared to what I was able to find using Google alone. I recommend AskForFunding to anyone looking for funding. The value gained from using this platform far outweighs the cost for a license."

John Benjamin

11 months ago

"Askforfunding.com are made up of Angels! Even though, I'm currently awaiting an angel investor, the customer service agents seem to be angels, themselves! They are very kind hearted and talk with love and care. No, I'm not exaggerating! You would be getting a treat when especially talking to Jose Nunez or Joy!"

Olivia Ogoe

12 months ago

"I am very grateful to have found this platform askforfunding.com, as it was a very clear process with ease and guidance. Within the first month of my account being active I found a great investor in good faith willing to assist me with my business startup funding that was needed. I highly recommend this to business owners no matter what stage you are in with your business if the financial is of great necessity."

Diana Parks

12 months ago

"When I started thinking about selling mine and my daughters business and came across ASK FOR FUNDING it was a very memorable time for me because it had all the strengths I was looking in a website of this kind. It had lots of investors to pitch our company to and we knew from the first day this is the place to get the job done for us everyday is great to wake up to begin looking for p what could be the potential investor whom is looking for our type of business for their portfolio. Now for the people available to help you what can I say except that they are kind, professional, courteous and every othe adjective you could put here belongs here. They speak to you in a professional cordial way my personal assistant Jose is a very nice guy to talk to and I do talk a lot but he is a good listener anda man of extensive knowledge and shares fantastic tips with us that are very worthwhile and our day for success is just around the corner. Kudos Jose see you in California to meet you soon to shake your hand for your kind words and patience with me. Bernie Walsh Owner/President Last Defense Wipes+ Sherri Walsh/Owner/Vice President/ CEO Last Defense Wipes+ "

Bernie and Sherri Walsh

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