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We love to create a unique world through the lens. Art imitates life, and through photography... We can make those glorious moments last forever. We do Studio, Fine Art, Storytelling through Portraits or Events. Let's work together and give them a little turn, drama, and lots of soul. Let's make a portrait that PORTRAITS what you are.

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over 1 year ago

"Angel has great intuition, he was my guide in so many aspects throughout todays photo shoot, he truly brought the best out of me. I had never experienced anything so rooted with love and artistic passion. Estoy mi feliz con la magia que nos rodio durante nuestra sesion artistica."

g. woo

over 1 year ago

"Spiridion photography made me comfortable in my own skin. Angel is a pleasure to work with. I felt beautiful, I felt comfortable, I felt like I could be myself. The most beautiful, artistic experience. You do not want to pass on this!! You HAVE TO experience Spiridion photography. Gracias por todo! This was my first but definitely will not be my last time!"

Janine Rivera

almost 2 years ago

"Such amazing work! Great unique style and would love to see more!"

JoJo Patricio

almost 2 years ago

"Angel is a true artist, the quality of his work speaks for itself."

Robert Abraham